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Feel the peace and warmth emanate from the natural stones beauty. 

Color Therapy that is fashionable and always at an arms length. 


✦ Howlite is associated with tranquility and peace which helps bring awareness to solve internal struggles. 

✦ It is a calming stone that is usually used to relieve anger, tensions, and stress. ✦ It also reduces one's critical nature and selfishness. It cuts the negativity in your life and transforms it into positive energy.

✦ It promotes peace, calmness, and kindness, especially in rooms or places where people are together. It also helps in curbing offensive and procrastinating behavior. 


A majority of Howlite is mined in California, USA. Some other countries such as Turkey, Germany, Russia, & Mexico mines can be found.

Composed of Howlite and Leather.


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